Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Be Nice on the Way Up

   You may remember the old Genesis song "Paperlate", in which Phil Collins sings:
There's no need to be nice on the way up
'Cos you're not coming down!
   Of course, most of us will come down.  Even if you don't, surely you'd like to go up faster, right?

   Today, one of my favorite DJs, er, I mean, radio personalities (Paul Harris, whose blog and podcast are well worth following) published this piece about Judy Gold.  It's not so much about her current doings, or even her career overall.  Instead, he tells of when she was, or at least was going to be, on his radio show twenty years ago.

   Rather than recapping the story, I'll let you go read it.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

   Yes, she's had a decent career.  But think... if it hadn't been for that attitude, causing that incident and doubtless many others, where could she be by now?  How many extra fans could she have made that morning (and again, doubtless many other such opportunities), even if they didn't buy tickets for that show?

   And what about in her "golden" years, when she's a washed-up old has-been?  Think she'll be able to get many radio guest spots, when she's desperate to get butts in seats at her shows?  Not if the host has read that article, or dealt with her before the attitude adjustment that I hope she's had since then....

   There's a term for people like that in the theater business: prima donna.  There are much harsher terms for them in real life.  Whatever you call it... don't be one.