Sunday, August 22, 2010

Challenge Lies!

   Today's entry is inspired by one of my favorite podcasters.  The podcasts contain mainly technical information, but there are a lot of politics about the subject too -- including lots of misinformation and outright lies.  Not from him, that is!  I mean in general.  Especially from the other side, of course.  ;-)

   Over the past few years, he has adopted what he calls a "No-Shrug Policy", and encourages us to join him in that.  The operative word here is encourage -- not order, or direct, or even suggest, but give us courage.  Many people often lack the courage to stand up for what's right -- and that's what this blog is all about.

   All of us often encounter statements we know to be false, especially from politicians, the media, activists, or other people who really should know better.  Sometimes they're just ignorant, especially ordinary people just expressing their opinions.  But sometimes, they're in such a position that there's no way they can not know the truth!  Either they've been horrendously lazy in their fact-finding, or they're just flat-out lying.  Unfortunately, these people are usually in a position to influence others much more.

   The normal human tendency is to shrug, and say "well, that's just the way it is, they just don't get it, and they'll continue to spread their idiocy and lies no matter what we do".  There are many proverbs that tell us how dangerous this is.  "A lie left unchallenged becomes the truth."  "A big enough lie becomes the truth."  "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."  "A lie can travel around the world before the truth gets its boots on."  Etc., etc., et bloody cetera.

   Instead, he encourages us to write Letters to the Editor, call our Senaturds and Reprehensibles, speak out at Town Hall meetings, and so on.  He's even organized what he calls "The Truth Squad", where you get information on such lies that need to be countered, and help doing so.

   Am I recommending you join his Truth Squad?  Sure, if you believe strongly in our side of the issue.  But even if not, do the same thing for your side of whatever issue(s) you feel strongly about.  Counter the lies, and let the "TRVTH" shine through.  Don't just shrug it off, and above all, don't let them wear you down and make you give up.

   Now, I haven't mentioned who that podcaster is.  I wanted you to pay attention to the underlying message, regardless of where you stand on the particular issue in question.  Long story short, I'm talking about recordings of a well known radio show, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk.  Those of you who don't get the show in your area, or can't spare the time when it's on, can get it as a podcast, from the iTunes Store.  For more information, head over to

   Another side note: check out the DISC system of personality analysis.  The "I" types are the "Influencers".  They love to be in the spotlight, and to influence people's opinions.  Unfortunately, it also matters not a whit to them whether the positions they espouse are the least bit correct -- that's the domain of the "C" types, the Competents.  Does this sound like anybody you've ever heard of?  If so, then take their opinions with a large sack of salt.  (Yes, even if it reminds you of ME!)

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