Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dogfooding: Rosetta Stone

   Remember a couple months ago, when I wrote that Quitters Can Win?  In the software development arena, we have a tradition called "dogfooding".  It didn't originate with us, but we do try to do it when possible.

   What's the connection, you wonder?  "Dogfooding" is short for "eating your own dog food" - click it for the Wikipedia explanation.  Go on, I'll wait.

   I've "dogfooded" that blog post, by quitting.  Long story short, I've submitted my resignation at Comcast.  On October 18, I will be starting a new position with Rosetta Stone, in Rosslyn VA.

   Meanwhile, you may be wondering, what took so long since my last post?  Jobhunting is busy work, but that's no excuse, especially as I got the offer weeks ago.  Consider it... dogfooding my prior post, "Can It Wait?" ;-)

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